Smart home laser navigation, you deserve this sweeping robot!

In recent years, the industry growth rate of sweeping robots has been far surpassing that of other home appliances. The quality consumption upgrade of household appliances and the popularization and development of intelligent technology have laid a good foundation for the rapid growth of sweeping robots. This vacuum cleaner has both appearance, performance, cleaning, etc. All aspects are more prominent than general products.

First of all, the appearance of this product is black, and the first impression is that it is low-key luxury and connotation. After understanding, the most important point of the difference between different price points of sweeping robots is the cleaning of the horns, which may not be achieved by low-priced products. For the cleaning of blind spots, high-priced products will clean without blind spots in all directions, and the cleaning angle is determined by the technology of the sweeping robot itself. This product is equipped with a 360° laser navigation, which can be responsible for the overall cleaning of the family.

In addition, this product is an all-in-one sweeper and mopping machine, which can be used for cleaning or mopping, which saves time and is more efficient. And there is no need to worry about water seepage or water leakage when mopping the floor. The water tank equipped with this product has an intelligent start-stop water control, which can pause and mop without water seepage. There is also a restricted area for mopping. When mopping the floor, the carpet will be bypassed and the carpet will not be damaged, and it will be repositioned after charging and sweeping. Remember wherever you go.

One of the most important factors to buy a robot vacuum is its intelligence, but there will be concerns about the robot running around, but this product will never run around where it is not allowed to go. You can set up a virtual wall through the APP to clean it. Automatically bypass, no "random running" phenomenon will occur. In the mobile phone APP can be operated and commanded, for example, you can use the mobile phone to randomly select the corners to be cleaned, and it will be cleaned.

Finally, in terms of cleaning, this machine can absorb everything from lint dust to large steel balls. The cleaning efficiency is over 90% at one time. The cleaning is more concentrated, not easy to fly, and the floating roller brush can penetrate 4mm gaps in the floor. , Remove invisible garbage, such as animal hair, dust, etc. For lazy people like myself, this sweeping robot is a very good choice.